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Time sure does fly! While it may seem that summer break just started, back to school season is getting closer and closer. In order to help you and your child get ready for it, The Tutoring Center, Foster City CA has put together a few tips that you can put to good use.

How to Get Ready for Back to School

Have Fun

The return to school can seem much more dire to students who didn't take full advantage of their break. For that reason, ensure your child has fun, tries new things, and engages in nonacademic activities, so they can be ready to focus on school again.

Start Purchasing Supplies

Purchasing school supplies can be a tiring, expensive, and stressful endeavor. To make it easier on you, go through your child's supplies, make a list of what they'll need, and start purchasing them little by little over the break.

Get Back Into the Routine

It is strongly advised that your child's sleeping and eating routine remains the same during their break. However, if this wasn't the case, it is time to start getting them back into it. For instance, wake them up a bit earlier each week, so they can get used to it for when school starts.

Study Every so Often

While your child may be opposed to it, studying over the break can be very beneficial. Simply reading their notes will help them avoid summer learning loss, refresh their memory, and prepare for the challenges of the new year.

The Tutoring Center, Foster City CA can be of assistance if you'd like your child to continue learning and developing their skills over the break. Call (650) 638-9163 to enroll them in summer tutoring in Foster City CA.


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