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As a parent, you’ve surely noticed all of the literature there is concerning how much technology your child should be exposed to and at what age. Of course, you are also free to make your own determinations on this matter. Whatever your stance, there are ways you can use technology to help your child prepare for his or her introduction to the academic world. If you would like to know some of the best ways you can use technology to your child’s advantage, then pay attention to these tips provided by the company that is ready to meet your needs for tutoring in Foster City

Consider investing in games and/or applications that will help your child to improve his or her language skills prior to entering school. Depending on how advanced your child is, you may start with simple games that will call upon your child to identify letters, perhaps moving them from one area of the screen to another, or moving them to spell words. You can then begin to increase the difficulty of the games as your child advances. Remember to, that there are full, interactive books available for purchase on the internet. These may be a great way to help introduce your child to the love of reading. 

Likewise, focusing on games and applications that will help improve your child’s hand-eye coordination is a great idea. You can, of course, help your child improve this skill by other means, like throwing or kicking around a ball, but the more practice your child gets, the better. Depending on the level of difficulty in the games you choose to help improve this skill, you’ll find that your child may need to operate and aim with a high amount of skill. 

Lastly, consider how technology, specifically gaming, can help your child understand the importance of completing tasks. While it is true that your child’s first realization that finishing tasks is important, will come in reference to the game being played, it should not be too much of a stretch to figure out a way to relate that importance to everyday life. Many games geared toward children are heavily task focused. You must collect a certain amount of coins or find and collect specific objects before you are permitted to move on to the next level, for example. 

Once your child begins his or her school years, it’s also not a bad idea to help him or her become organized and attentive in those study habits. Likewise, at any point during your child’s education, if you begin to see that he or she is struggling in a particular class, you know that the option to hire a member of a professional tutoring staff is always available to you. At The Tutoring Center we are ready to receive your child and help him or her in an academic pursuits necessary. For tutoring in Foster City, contact us at (650) 638-9163 and don’t forget to schedule your child’s free diagnostic assessment.


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