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While highlighters can be very useful tools for students, simply highlighting a textbook won't help much in the way of learning successfully. That's why, to teach you how to use your highlighter the right way during this new school year, this post will share tips on the matter.

How to Study with a Highlighter

Have Highlighters in Different Colors

For starters, you can make use of colored highlighters to make your study sessions more effective. For example, you can designate a color for a specific type of information (like a blue highlighter for dates), so you can remember said information better.

Use Them to Highlight

A mistake many students make is using their highlighters to write or doodle in the margins of their textbooks. However, this can make your notes confusing and distracting, which is far from what you need. To that end, only use highlighters to emphasize important information.

Highlight With Care

Another common mistake is highlighting every single word in a textbook. To keep yourself from overdoing it, highlight with care. It's even suggested that you highlight after the second time you've read a text, and you've had a chance to assimilate the information and decide what's important.

Use Highlighters for Support

Finally, try not to rely on highlighting as your main study method. If you want it to be effective, think of highlighting as a step in another method. For example, you can highlight a textbook, and then take notes of the information you highlighted.

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