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Helping your child in the realm of academics can be a challenge. If he or she is having difficulty in a particular subject or perhaps is not feeling challenged enough, you can consider hiring a professional tutor to either help your child catch up or to supplement the learning your child is receiving in school. If you find that your child has issues with organization or study habits, The Tutoring Center can help you with that as well. In fact, today, we would like to offer you with some tips on how you can help your child work on study habits and skills that will aid him or her to further achieve academic success. 

Study Skills to Help Benefit Test Taking:

You can begin to help your child to improve in his or her study habits by placing the reminder to do homework each night, especially for classes where he or she is having difficulty. There may be some cases when the teacher assigns homework without the intention of checking it. This is not to be a nuisance, but to help your child get as much practice with the concepts as possible. Therefore, remind your child to do homework as it is assigned no matter if a grade will be given for it. 

Likewise, when your child is in class, he or she will do well by taking great notes when the teacher is lecturing or demonstrating a new concept. These notes are the first source to studying and reviewing what was taught. Your child can go over the notes after class with a classmate to ensure he or she has written down all of the major concepts. Also, if there is something your child needs clarified, he or she can always ask the teacher. 

Next, you should encourage your child to create a study schedule when he or she knows an exam will be coming up. Your child should have at least a week of anticipation prior to an exam. Help your child create a schedule to study each evening, for approximately an hour. This way you avoid the big cramming session the night prior to the exam. 

What To Remember on Test Day: 

Remind your child of these simple, yet effective strategies for test taking, prior to dropping him or her off at school on test day. 
  • Even after the teacher has gone over the instructions with the entire class, remind your child that it’s an excellent idea to read the directions again. If your child is not absolutely sure what is being asked of him or her, then again ask the teacher for clarification
  • Your child will also benefit from answering the questions strategically. Remind him or her that it is OK to skip questions at first, which he or she does not know the answers to. Tell him or her to move on to questions that are more surely answered. This will help your child build confidence in the test taking process as well as giving him or her a bit more time near the end to answer those more difficult questions
  • Prior to turning in the exam, it is so important to review the answers. Many children will turn in their exams without reviewing and later find that some mistakes could have been easily corrected with simple revision. Therefore, ensure that your child takes the time to revise and correct any errors
Once you’ve started working on these study habits with your child, it is perfectly natural if you decide he or she could still use some more assistance. You can consider less traditional methods, such as encouraging your child to learn a musical instrument. If you think your child could benefit from a tutor, remember that The Tutoring Center has an expert tutoring staff, ready to help. For tutoring in Foster City, contact us today, (650) 638-9163.


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