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How to Reduce Your Time in Front of the Screen

Technology has become a part of our everyday lives and made it easier in many ways; however, it's not advisable to spend too much time in front of the screen, and among other groups, teens can lose track of time with their devices, which can potentially affect their school performance and social lives. These are a few ideas to reduce screentime that can be beneficial to your teens, and to yourself as well.

Watch Your Own Screentime

Take notice of your own screen habits. It will not only set an example, but also make you more prone to seeking activities that do not involve technological devices.

Incorporate Exercise Into the Mix

One way to spend less time in front of a screen could be doing exercise. Encourage your teen to pursue a sport they like or feel interested in, or invite them for a run or a hike. They can become more active, and if you participate in the sport it can be a good chance to bond.

Encourage Social Activities

Take into account what your teen likes and suggest activities that can get them to interact with other people with more or less frequency.

Set Firm Rules

Set screentime rules that are both reasonable and not up for debate, such as no texting while having any meals or no gaming until the homework is done.

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