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When you think about it, reading can be a complicated skill to learn. After all, you need to know about grammar, have general knowledge, have an extensive vocabulary, and more. For that reason, below you'll find some advice on how you can help your child master reading.

How to Improve in Reading...


How to Reduce Your Time in Front of the Screen

Technology has become a part of our everyday lives and made it easier in many ways; however, it's not advisable to spend too much time in front of the screen, and among other groups, teens can lose track of time with their devices, which can...
With summer break, comes the opportunity for your child to engage in a myriad of different activities, like sports, leisurely, arts, and more. However, your child should still spend some of their free time practicing their academic skills. Summer tutoring in Foster City can help with this. If...

Learn About the Water Cycle

Keeping your children entertained at home over the summer can get tough after a while. The next time your child falls victim to boredom, be prepared with some fun science experiments you can perform at home. The Tutoring Center in Foster City has...

How to Enjoy Outdoor Learning With Geocaching

Getting out and enjoying the sun and outdoors is important for every child and is a great backdrop for enjoyable learning.  If you find that your children become restless when learning indoors, The Tutoring Center in Foster City has  some great...
As a parent, you’ve surely noticed all of the literature there is concerning how much technology your child should be exposed to and at what age. Of course, you are also free to make your own determinations on this matter. Whatever your stance, there are ways you can use technology to help your...
Helping your child in the realm of academics can be a challenge. If he or she is having difficulty in a particular subject or perhaps is not feeling challenged enough, you can consider hiring a professional tutor to either help your child catch up or to supplement the learning your child is...
 As a parent, you are likely often thinking of ways you can help your child reach the highest academic success. You might be working with your child in areas where he or she is having trouble already, and perhaps even providing a tutor for your child. However, when it comes to helping your...
The Tutoring Center in Foster City focuses on the Rotational Approach to Learning. Adding educational gaming at home can allow your child some relaxation and still keep their brains actively learning. Below are some of the best educational games on the market today.


Dragon Box is a game...
If you are parenting a child with a Learning Disability, you understand that it comes with a specific set of challenges. Helping your child with LD to stay motivated can be difficult. Of course, starting by understanding what Learning Disability your child is struggling with, and researching...


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