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The benefits of being a reader are countless - to name a few: it reduces stress, expands the vocabulary and  improves concentration and other cognitive skills. Plus, reading is a fundamental skill that your children will need throughout their whole life. For this reason, at The Tutoring Center in Foster City, we would like to tell you a few ideas to motivate your children to read. 

Visit the Library

Your children will find thousands of reading options in this wonderful place, and remember that they should choose their books according to their interests. Keep in mind that the librarian can always provide interesting recommendations. 

Become Part of the Process

It’s important that you get involved in the process -  become an example and read in front of your children. You can also plan a reading night, when the whole family gets together to enjoy their books, also, your children are never too old to be read to.

Have Material Available

Make sure to have plenty of reading material in your house and in reachable places. Subscribing to a magazine is not a bad idea, and don’t forget that comics, graphic novels and ebooks are also reading materials. 


You will always want what’s best for your children, however this can also make you push them to grab a book, which can have the opposite effect. Likewise, refrain from giving awards or bribes for every book they read. 

Becoming a reader is a habit that requires some time to acquire, but once your children discover the joy and benefits of this activity, they will never forget it. Also, be sure to read this post with some ideas to help your children stay organized in school

At The Tutoring Center we know the impact that this skill has on the academic achievement of your children -  remember that we have a Geniuses in Training Reading Program™, that encompasses the areas of reading comprehension, phonics and writing. Plus, we also have a free diagnostic assessment to find out more about the academic abilities of our students. 

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