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Everybody is different: we all have our own likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses. However, this also transcends into learning! We all take in and assimilate information in a unique manner, which means that what may work for some, may not work for us.

If you want to know the learning style your kid has, so you can help him/her reach his/her potential, The Tutoring Center in Foster City has this post for you!

Different Learning Styles

There are three main learning modalities, which are:


If your kid understands images better, than she/he is definitely a visual learner! Colors, arrangements, and movement is what catches his/her attention the most. To help him/her out, try using diagrams, maps, and colorful charts!


Sounds are the main driver for this kind of people! They may have an ease to remember conversations, music, and lyrics. For them, repeating things out loud, or even making a catchy tune to memorize information, may be the best way to learn!


For all those hands on, and animated kids that are always gesturing or moving around, there’s kinesthetic learning! They like to touch, feel, and use their body to fully grasp new information. Encourage them to write things down, draw or even use objects near them to learn concepts!

If Your Kid Needs Extra Help…

School can be hard! The teacher has to deal with an entire class, which means they may not  stop to reach each kid individually (understandably). Still, if your child is having trouble at school, a tutor may just be what she/he needs!

Here at The Tutoring Center, we focus our attention on one child at a time, and we work to understand what each one needs to learn new information. So, remember that if you are looking for tutors in Foster City, you can count on us to help your kid reach his/her potential!


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