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If you are parenting a child with a Learning Disability, you understand that it comes with a specific set of challenges. Helping your child with LD to stay motivated can be difficult. Of course, starting by understanding what Learning Disability your child is struggling with, and researching specific ways you can help him or her, is an excellent first step in understanding your child. The Tutoring Center in Foster City would like to help you today, to find ways to motivate your child with LD to reach a higher level of academic and personal success. 

  • First, you must assure your child that you are his or her advocate! Your child is already facing a unique set of challenges, and it is very important that he or she understands that your support is unconditional. You may also consider reading about other external factors that affect grades. 
  • Know your child’s strengths and/or interests. If there is an academic area in which your child is particularly proficient or interested, make sure you take extra time to help encourage your child in that area. If your child is struggling in all academic areas, find an area outside of those, where your child excels. Perhaps he or she is interested in music, dance, or a sport.
  • Especially for children who have ADHD or other attention disorders, remember to give them choices. Allow your child an opportunity to be responsible, deciding what to do first. If there are two or three things you know your child will need to accomplish, lay them out in a way that your child has the option to do whichever he or she prefers, first. 
  • Help your child set attainable goals. WIth a Learning Disability, your child may feel that he or she is behind the rest of the class, and may unfortunately develop the idea that this means he or she is not as good as the rest of the class. Help your child to see the fallacy here by setting goals that he or she can accomplish. Little by little, this will help your child become increasingly motivated to do well. 

Remember that The Tutoring Center is another great option to help motivate your child. Our tutoring staff works on a one to one basis with our small clients, and works to help encourage academic success. Our system, called "The Rotational Approach to Learning™" is designed to work for all learning styles and attention spans.  If you are looking for tutoring in Foster City, remember to contact us at (650) 638-9163.


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