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It has been long debated as to whether a teenager should have a job while in high school. Some of us grew up knowing that we would need to find a job in high school, while other parents have chosen not to allow their children to work before graduation. Whatever your personal preference as a parent, it is certainly up to you. However, The Tutoring Center in Foster City would love to share a few tips for those parents who have decided to allow their teens to work while in school. Below you’ll find ways to prepare for the extra work, how it can help, and a few ways you can help guard your child from overextending. 

To Prepare

It is essential that you talk with your child about how this job will affect his or her schedule. Let your child know what chores are still expected at home, if any, and make specific stipulations. For example, you might consider telling your child that if his or her grades fall below a certain level, you’ll ask him or her to stop working. 

Helping your child to stay organized with this new schedule is necessary. Help him or her by getting a planner, and by reading our list of 6 ways to stay organized

If possible, see if your child can start with fewer hours than average, to see how the new job will truly affect his or her schedule. 

Continue to keep a regular study schedule on off days, as well as after and/or before work. 

What It Can Do For You

There are surely advantages to having a job while in high school. 
- It can help your child build valuable time management skills
- It can help them understand and live up to responsibility
- As your child makes his or her own money, they will learn about financial planning and management


Remember that your child may have trouble managing his or her job while studying in high school—this could be especially true if he or she was having academic issues prior to getting the job. If that is not the case, but you start to notice a downward shift in your child’s grades, you may consider reducing work hours or eliminating them altogether

As a job adds another element to your child’s schedule, you might consider getting him or her a tutor to help in any academic areas of trouble. Here at The Tutoring Center our dedicated and professional tutoring staff can help your child to reach academic success! For tutoring in Foster City be sure to give us a call us at (650) 638-9163.


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