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How to Enjoy Outdoor Learning With Geocaching

Getting out and enjoying the sun and outdoors is important for every child and is a great backdrop for enjoyable learning.  If you find that your children become restless when learning indoors, The Tutoring Center in Foster City has  some great information on an activity called Geocaching and how it can be used to teach your child outdoors.

Basic Introduction to Geocaching

If you have ever played hide and seek, then you have a basic understanding of Geocaching fundamentals. Small objects are hidden around your town, and you and your child are presented with geographical information and clues to assist you both in finding the item.

Introduce Your Child to Longitude and Latitude

In addition to the directional skills you can teach your child as you drive and walk around finding the objects, longitude and latitude help to fully round out this skill set. The basic information that geocaching provides is a perfect practical  way to teach your child longitude and latitude, a subject that may not get a lot of focused attention during their regular schooling.

Help Your Child With Spatial Reasoning

If you find that your child seems a little behind when it comes to spatial awareness and reasoning, then this is a great and fun way for them to practice. As the objects that you are looking for range in size and are very well hidden, your child must analyze the clues to deduce possible hiding places. Enjoying this activity with your child is a great way for you to also monitor their learning. If you find that your child constantly looks for hiding places that are clearly too small for the object, it can be a trigger for you to address any potential learning challenges.

How to Take Your Child's Learning Even Further

Geocaching is just one of the great ways for your child to enjoy learning without knowing it. If you would like to continue this momentum and enhance your child's learning, speak with a learning processional here at The Tutoring Center at 650 638 9163 about how private tutoring in Foster City can help your child reach their learning potential.


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