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The holiday season is meant to give your child a chance to rest up, and spend some wonderful time with friends and family. However, if you want to ensure they will be ready to return to school next year, you should read and follow the tips mentioned in the post below.

How to Help Your Child Return to School After Winter Break

  1. First of all, help your child enjoy their break thoroughly. Fill their days with visits to friends and families, learning activities, and other fun ideas, so they feel they had a good time and are ready to return to their academic duties fully charged.
  2. Some teachers will give their students homework so they can practice over winter break. If your child's teacher did, encourage them to work on their assignments as soon as possible. If they get those tasks out of the way early, they'll be able to enjoy the rest of their break without worrying.
  3. Another way you can make your child's return to school smoother, is to instill a routine. Over the break, your child's eating and sleeping schedule may get mixed up, which will make difficult to re-adjust it once school restarts. Ensure your child keeps a bit of their regular routine, so they don't struggle as much.
  4. Finally, remind them to review their notes a couple of times over the break. Doing so will ensure they'll thwart off winter break learning loss, and will get them ready to continue learning during the new year.

Provide Academic Assistance to Your Child with Tutoring in Foster City CA

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