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Your child’s grades depend in large part on their hard work and dedication, but there are a number of outside influences to consider too. The Tutoring Center in Foster City would like to offer an overview of things that can negatively influence grades and offer a little advice on how you can help.


Everyone is familiar with how a really bad night’s sleep can affect their performance the next day, but the effects of poor sleep in general can be a little harder to detect. If your child is not getting enough good-quality sleep on a regular basis then their grades are most likely suffering. The younger a child is, the more sleep they need, so bear that in mind. Make sure your child has a set bedtime and enforce that, and try to prevent them from watching TV or using a computer, tablet or phone for at least an hour before bed as these have all been shown to make falling asleep more difficult.


Disorganization is a killer, whether that means being unable to keep track of materials and notes or having bad time management. Sit down with your child to create a study schedule and remind them about it regularly; it should soon become a habit for them to check it daily. Try helping them to organize their notes (color-coding, highlighting, etc. can make it a little more fun) and explain to them the importance of keeping track of them so they’ll be able to refer to them later in the year. 

Too much TV

Americans over the age of 15 are estimated by the US Department of Labor to watch around 2.7 hours of TV a day. Not only is this all time not spent studying, but watching TV has also been directly linked to lower grades (see, for example, studies in the May 2007 issue of JAMA Pediatrics). A little TV is unlikely to do any harm though, so instead of banning it entirely, consider setting a limit of one hour a day’s viewing.

If you have an older child, they may want to pick up a part-time job to earn some extra money during their time at high school. If dealt with in the right way, this can be a great way for them to learn about responsibility, get them adjusted to working life, and so forth. Just make sure to read our guide on managing jobs through high school to make sure it doesn’t impact your child’s grades.

One factor that can have a decidedly positive impact on your child’s grades is tutoring, so if you notice that your child is struggling in any academic area, consider enlisting the help of The Tutoring Center for tutoring in Foster City. Call (650) 638-9163 to organize a free diagnostic assessment today.


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