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The Tutoring Center in Foster City focuses on the Rotational Approach to Learning. Adding educational gaming at home can allow your child some relaxation and still keep their brains actively learning. Below are some of the best educational games on the market today.


Dragon Box is a game that uses visual elements to teach the child to balance two sides within a closed system. Eliminating elements as you go, the goal is to get the box alone without the elements. Progressive levels introduce algebraic equations in a fun way.


Mind Snacks is a game focusing on learning to speak and write in different languages. Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, and German are the languages offered in bright, interactive graphics.

Problem Solving & Creativity teaches children development and accomplishment by offering do it yourself projects such as gardening, baking, knitting, toy making, and more. 
Problem-solving, artistic sensibilities, independence, and resourcefulness are a few of the things the child learns with this game based website.

Money Management

Mindblown Life is a multi-player game for pre-teen and teenaged children designed to teach the skills of money management. Interaction between players teaches the life skills of balancing work and home without spending all their hard-earned money.

Spelling & Logic

Scribblenauts is a game that teaches logic, creativity, and spelling through solving challenges with infinite possibilities. Writing the word for an object creates that object as an interactive graphic. Players can create and share new puzzles as well.

Of course a good balance of schooling, gaming, and physical activity is always important. The Tutoring Center in Foster City provides the extra care and expertise in guiding your child in studying effectively and the learning process, helping those neural pathways to connect and strengthen. Contact us at (650) 638-9163 or E-mail at


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