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Learning math is an absolute necessity. However, some students are reluctant to do it and may even feel an aversion towards math. If you notice your child is one of these students, follow the tips below to help them do math with confidence.

How to Encourage Your Student to Do Math Confidently

  1. First of all, you need to lead by example. If they see you're afraid of doing math, they'll likely feel the same. You're their role model, so use this to your advantage to help them do math confidently.
  2. You should also make an effort to be there for your child, so you can encourage them to keep working on math, solve any doubts they may have, and guide them.
  3. Another way to motivate them to do math is to show them that math is all around them. This will free them of the popular thought that learning math is 'useless', which may make them more eager to learn it.
  4. As your child improves on their math abilities, they'll feel less reluctant to do math. That's why you should ensure they practice often. Provide practice opportunities whenever you can (through practice sheets, exercises, and more).
  5. As a final tip, make use of games to bring your child closer to math without making them feel intimidated. Nowadays, there are online games and apps that are designed specifically to help children practice their math skills in a fun way.

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