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28% of children between the ages of 3 and 17 have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, or ADHD. This is a high number and it continues to grow. If you are raising a child with ADHD you understand that it can be challenging to capture their attention, and to involve them in some things that may seem quite “ordinary” to other children. Hopefully you also know of the numerous resources available to you, to help you through and to ensure that you and your child have a great homelife together. The Tutoring Center in Foster City would like to share just a few tips with you today, to help you in the process of raising your child with ADHD. 

Implement a Healthy Lifestyle

You and your child should maintain a healthy lifestyle. Of course, this is important for everyone, not just those with ADHD, however for them, it is essential to be part of healthy practices. Here are a few tips you can use at home to help create structure and health for your child. 

Exercise and Play
- Physical activity is crucial for those who have ADHD. Imagine all of the pent up energy that your child builds up throughout the day. It is important for him/her to have a healthy way to release that energy
- These activities should be enjoyed. Whether you enroll your child in organized sports, dance, or just allow him or her to play regularly with friends, choose something that is enjoyable for your child

Eating Well
- A diet low in sugar is advisable to help improve the brain activity and health of your child. Again, while this is important for all kids, it’s even more so for a child who is already having difficulty wrangling ideas and/or keeping track of thoughts 

Sleeping Well
- It is not only important that your child receives enough sleep, but remember the type of sleep is also important. Just as you have your sleeping preferences, talk to your child about theirs. Is it important for the room to be absolutely silent, do they prefer a fan, or noise machine to help them sleep? Is the bed to soft, to hard? What about lighting? Should you purchase a night light or do they benefit more from darkness while they sleep. These things should be considered and talked about to ensure your child gets the best night of sleep possible. 

Create Structure

Structure is important for us all, at one point or another, however due to ADHD making self-control difficult, structure and routine are essential. They must have external controls. Be sure to clearly tell your child what is expected of him or her, as well as when and how, if you find it necessary in the moment. Creating a schedule will help your child to develop patience and organization. 

The standard 2-3 week habit forming time is not so standard when a child is diagnosed with ADHD. It may take more time for you and your child to get into the swing of these new routines. Do not lose hope, and know that you will see results. It might be necessary, as a next step, to get your child tutoring for an academic area of struggle. Remember that The Tutoring Center has a method of tutoring that is meant to capture and keep the attention of, and aid in the learning process for, even the most distractible of students. 

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