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It would be increasingly difficult to understand and be understood without the use of proper spelling. That's why it's very important that your child learns and uses the spelling rules and their exceptions, so they can write and communicate successfully. For a few tips on how they can master this academic skill, continue reading.

How to Help Your Child Improve on Spelling

  1. Your child can turn to reading and writing if they wish to develop their spelling, grammar, and other skills. Engaging in these activities will give them an opportunity to work on their spelling.
  2. Giving them the right tools can also prove to be a very effective way to help them improve on spelling. For instance, they can use a dictionary to help them become a stronger speller.
  3. As mentioned above, spelling encompasses a set of rules and their exceptions. If your child has a challenging time retaining said information, mnemotechniques (songs and rhymes, for instance) can help them memorize it.
  4. A spelling log can also help your child enormously in their goal of spelling correctly. In it, they can write down and practice those tricky words that they have a tougher time spelling.
  5. Finally, provide your child with spelling worksheets that they can complete at home. You can find some on the Internet suited to their age and level. Encourage them to do them correctly so they can develop their spelling skills.

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