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If one of your new year's resolutions is to become a better student and learner, setting goals for yourself can give you direction, motivation, and focus. However, you need to set effective goals if you want to succeed. For assistance in this department, refer to the tips mentioned here.

How to Set Academic Goals for the New Year

Set Clear, Specific Goals

While "being a better student" is a fine new year's resolutions, it isn't a clear or specific goal. If you want to avoid getting lost on your way to achieving your goals, set specific goals with defined steps and a deadline. This will give you a clear purpose and objective to work towards.

Have Reachable Goals

If your goals are too high (e.g. become the greatest English student ever), you'll likely feel intimidated by them and will be disappointed if you don't reach them. For that reason, you should set goals that are within your reach. Keep in mind that this doesn't mean setting "easy" goals. Give yourself realistic challenges so that you can truly improve.

Document Your Journey

If you ever lack the drive to continue working on your goals, or if you feel a bit overwhelmed, having a progress tracker can be helpful. Documenting your journey will not only show you how much progress you've made, but it will also inform you of how much more you need to do, which can prove to be a huge motivator.

Modify Your Goals if Necessary

Your goals and the strategy to achieve them aren't set in stone. On the contrary, you're encouraged to modify these as you get a better sense of your advancement. Don't be discouraged if this happens, however, as not everything goes according to plan all of the time. Embrace the change and keep working hard.

Be Mindful of Your Goals

It's easy to leave your goals behind if you're not reminded of them on a regular basis. To ensure this doesn't happen to you, keep your goals in visible places. For instance, you can paste a sticky note on your door, so that you remember them every time you step in or out of the room.

Reach Your Academic Goals with Tutoring in Foster City CA

Now that you've set academic goals for yourself, enrolling at The Tutoring Center, Foster City CA can help you achieve them, as they offer the support you need to become a better learner and more successful student. Call (650) 638-9163 to learn more about the benefits of tutoring in Foster City CA, or to request a free consultation.


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