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Are you a student who is constantly losing their supplies? If it's October and you're already down to your last pencil, this installment is meant to help you keep better track of your belongings, so you don't miss out on any learning experiences from a lack of school supplies.

How to Keep Your School Supplies in Order

Label Them Correctly

If you have the expensive habit of losing your school supplies, you may want to start labeling them with your name and grade. Doing so will help them find their way back to you if you accidentally misplace them.

Have Extra Supplies Handy

Unless you want to find that you don't have a pen when you should be taking notes, ensure that you keep extra supplies in your backpack. This way, you can replace your supplies and continue working without much trouble.

Create an Organizational System

Caring for your supplies and their whereabouts can be hard to do if you have a mess. Create a system for organizing your backpack (e.g. put all of the smaller items in a pencil case), so you don't lose your things as easily. Likewise, remember always to put things back where they belong when you've finished using them.

Keep Track of Your Supplies

As a final tip, it's suggested that you always keep track of your supplies. For example, if a peer asks to borrow something in class, remember to ask for it back by the end of it (in case they forget to do it on their own), so you don't lose any more supplies.

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