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Unless you motivate your child to do something during their summer vacation, you risk them spending all of their time in front of the TV. For a few ideas of what activities they can do to continue learning over the break, read the post below.

What Your Child Can Do Over Summer

Enroll Them in Summer Camps

If you want to make sure that your child keeps their mind sharp over the break, at the same time as they make new friends and have an enjoyable time, enroll them in summer camps that speak to their interests.

Take Them on Field Trips

Going to art museums, science museums, the zoo, libraries, learning centers, and more, can be an activity that you can do with your child and one that will help them keep learning over the break.

Encourage Them to Read and Write

Reading great books and keeping a journal are activities that can make your child's summer richer, as well as fun and educational. Doing so will stimulate their imagination, as well as help them work on different academic skills.

Help Them Study and Practice

Even if it's summer break, your child should review their school lessons a few times. This will ensure that they won't forget what they learned, and will keep them prepared for the challenges of the new school term.

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